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when i was just four years old i lost the only family i had left. i lost my two sisters. not to some freak accident but to the contact was allowed. i was angry and that anger never left me. every where i went it followed. i was what some would call a trouble maker. i was a bully, a punk. i was the kid that parents warned their kids about. all i wanted was for someone to listen. for someone to give me my family back but, i didn't know how to get what i wanted. i was always bounced around from place to place. from foster home to residential to group home. no body wanted me for very long but, who could blame them. i ran away all the time and got into a lot of fights. i was even expelled from school because my teachers had given up on detention and in school suspension. i was hard to get along with to say the least. when i got to my tenth placement i was living in Watertown. i grew to know its streets as well as i knew my pain. it comforted me to know that no body here knew my story but, after getting into my third fight with my foster brother Liz had enough. she hated that i called her that but, i refused to call her mom like everyone else. she was not my mother and calling her that would just be fooling my self that she could be. she kicked me out after that fight. she didn't even call my social worker. she just told me to get out. so i did. i was headed down a side road when some kid named Eric that i went to school with started running his mouth. i warned him not to push me cuz i wasn't in the mood for his games but some people just don't know how to shut up. half of his teeth were gone before he finally took the hint. i left him there. i had to find a place to stay. to my surprise he was more of a prick then i had thought. he called the cops on me. i barely out ran them and escaped but, what surprised me even more was who i saw when i turned around. in the yard across the street i saw the man that i hated more than anything in the world. i saw my father. i assume he had just gotten home from work. he quickly headed inside. he didn't even notice me but, even if he did he probably wouldn't have recognized me. i started on my way again but, i knew I'd be back. i was determined to make him pay for the things he had done to our family. a few days later i knocked on his door but, when the door opened i was shocked by what i saw. a young woman answered the door. "can i help you?" "yeah! I'm looking for Phil." "daddy somebody's here to see you?" no answer. "i'll go get him. it will just take a moment." i lost my nerve. i left. i couldn't be just like him. i couldn't break an innocent girls heart.that was the only time i ever saw my half sister. to this day i don't think she knows about me or my sisters. i couldn't stay in town after that. i couldn't risk running into one of them so i had no choice but to run. i ended up getting caught stealing and was escorted by D.C.F. from the police station to the airport where i was shipped to a residential living facility in Pennsylvania. the doors were locked. there was no escape.i tried to run once on the was to the cafeteria for dinner but found myself tackled and restrained by 6 staff. one of the girls that was in my building laughed. she was the prettiest girl i had ever seen. she had a tattoo on her right hand and piercing blue eyes, a smile that could make the sun shine and hair darker than the night sky. she was 17 and to me she was a fantasy. from my window i could see her room and she used to let me watch her take off her clothes. she was so close i could taste her but, too far to touch. i started school the next day and after a week they moved me into some of her classes. she always sat in the front of the room and i always sat in the back. she never once looked my way but, i couldn't take my eyes off of her. the guys around me would always tell me that she was out of my league. "well at least i have a better shot than you." i think she heard me cuz she turned slightly toward me and a smile spread across her face. on the way to dinner that night she passed me a note. this is what it said:

          Alec i noticed you have quite the crush on me and i think you have a good sense of humor. i was wondering if you would sit with me at lunch tomorrow. i have something to ask you but, but letters are too impersonal.        S.W.A.k. <3 Trish<3

she didn't come to the window that night but, the next day at lunch she had saved me a seat. i took  it gladly."hey" "hey you made it." "yeah" "good now i can ask you to your face." "what's up?" "well.... i was wondering if you would go out with me?" "you're not just fucking with me are you?" " no i'm serious i want to be your girlfriend." "oh....well yeah" ' wow don't sound so happy" " i am happy i'm just shocked." "why?" "i thought the guy was supposed to ask the girl out." " well... normally yes but, you were taking too long."

at the end of lunch we walked back to class together hand-in-hand.she sat next to me and we passed notes all through class.she told me about her family and why she was there. i told her about my sisters and my dad. we were two kids with two stories. the only thing we had in common was that we needed each other.


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